KOUICHI TSUJI Kouichi Tsuji General Manager Motorsports Division & Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. MotoGP Group Leader

First of all, I am deeply appreciative of our predecessors who have contributed to Yamaha’s history. In 1961, Yamaha joined the World Championship and achieved its first victory in the 250cc class in 1963, which was the first step on the road to 500 victories. For over 56 years, Yamaha Motor has kept developing in order to win races. We believe that Yamaha sends out machinery into the world to set records and create lasting memories with our riders. We also launch new technology and use the feedback from the race track for use in our road products. Examples are Yamaha's deltabox frame and the crossplane crankshaft. In fact, our customers around the world can enjoy Yamaha racing technology and feel the essence of motorsports at the heart of their own machinery. The 500th victory is a big milestone, but it’s just one of many. Yamaha will continue to provide exciting races through our technology and achieve more victories.