"We've had a mixed first day in Barcelona. Valentino worked quite strategically on the bike setting in the morning and reaped the fruits of his labour in the afternoon. He's feeling comfortable on the bike, though we still have areas that we want to work on tomorrow. Maverick was strong in the morning session but didn't quite have the same feeling in the afternoon. He made some amendments and because of that he had only time for one flying lap. Had he been able to get another lap in on the soft-soft at the end of the session, he probably would have finished higher. Tomorrow, in FP3, we must have both riders in the top-10, and the cooler track conditions should play into our favour. In FP4, we'll dedicate the available time in the hotter conditions to preparing the race set-up and we also have to work on the tyres, as we weren't able to test all the specifications yet."