"We improved the feeling quite a lot, so I'm happy about that. As I said, we were working in a different direction. Let's see tomorrow if all the hard work pays off. I'm ready to start and get in front. We've worked in a good way, but it has been difficult to set one good lap, because the bike is quite a bit different from what I was riding in Mugello. Let's see if tomorrow we can improve, but anyway it's very important to be consistent, to be in front, and battle with the front guys. I will try my best.

"I misunderstood the chequered flag. I didn't do it purposely or with malicious intent, so for me the penalty is too severe, but I have to accept it, because this is the way it is. For sure I'm not happy, but there's no excuse. We start from sixth, which isn't bad at all, it could have been worse. I'm not so far from the first row, just a few metres behind it. If I have a good launch at the start, I think we can be good. I will still try to be in front in the first corner."