We had a difficult and disappointing race today. Fabio had a problem with his right arm. Because of the arm pump he had no feeling and was in a lot of pain. It's such a shame. It happened suddenly while he was leading the race by 1.4s and with the pace to win. He was completely happy with the bike and was cruising to a victory. But our main concern is Fabio's wellbeing. Tomorrow he will get his arm checked. Maverick rode a steady race. His starting position held him back a bit. It's important to start from the front, especially with the lap times being so close. Unfortunately, we weren't able to let the bike turn the way Maverick wanted, and this is what we will focus on tomorrow during the test. Overall, these weren't the race results we had envisioned, but Fabio's form in the first half of the race shows we have great potential.