This morning I was feeling good, but I wasn't able to set a good time, so later today we will need to see what we can improve. Wet conditions are not my strong point, and I need to improve it. Still, the feeling was great, but we need to improve in a few corners to be inside the top 10 in the wet. In FP2, I could have done a better time, but there was a yellow flag on my fast lap. But I'm feeling happy about the fastest time I set today. The arm feels slightly different, but it feels great. I lost the front at one point. I thought I could save it, but I lost it anyway. We saw many riders crash on cold tyres. We all crashed for the same reason, I think. The conditions are tricky and it's tough to get heat into the tyres. Especially coming out of pit lane, we stay on 60 km/h for too long. We need to see if it can be done slightly different.