This was the strangest race of my life. I had never done a flag-to-flag race before. We were so fast on slicks before it started to rain. I saw that Maverick and Jack were a little bit careful in the first corners and I said, ‘Okay, I want to go for it’. But then I got to Turn 9 where it was raining a lot, and without braking the bike was going right-left-right-left. I thought, ‘If I manage to arrive at the box like this, that in itself would be great’. I did arrive there at the perfect time, but then I almost wanted to go into Bastianini’s box before pulling into my own box. Then I almost took Maverick’s bike, it was a mess! But to take a podium in these circumstances is amazing. I never expected it in these mixed conditions. I don’t really care about the lead in the championship, because there are 14 more races to go, but it’s still good because it means we are doing a great job. Looking at the conditions we had today, I was scared to lose positions, but we gained one. In the next few races we need to focus and take it step by step.