Fabio did an amazing job today. He was feeling quite emotional after the one-minute silence, but he still managed to do a good job, staying fully concentrated. Honestly, coming here we didn’t expect that we were going to win the race in Mugello – which is usually territory more suited to our rivals – and especially with such a comfortable margin. But Fabio and his crew worked really cleverly this weekend on fixing the mapping and trying to save as much tyre as possible, and the rest was all Fabio. Though the team tried some setting tweaks this morning, we weren’t able to make Maverick 100% comfortable with the front of his bike during the race. Starting from 13th is difficult for us anyway, but he did a good job to just steadily pick up places where he could and take 8th place in the end. Overall we are pleased because our team got its fourth win of the season, but the tragic passing of Jason Dupasquier casts a shadow over this day. All Yamaha staff’s and the team members’ thoughts are with his family, friends, loved ones, and the PrüstelGP team.