We gathered a lot of good information. The areas that we worked on the most were the engine and aerodynamics, and we also introduced a new rear starting device. All these items have been approved and confirmed by all riders: Cal, Fabio, and Álex. This is a good sign: the work done during the winter break has been done correctly. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are satisfied with the work we got done here. It's true that there's still a gap that we have to close, but we still have time during the preseason to work on making this gap smaller and smaller. In terms of race pace, we suspect we have made an improvement as we could also see that the bike is a bit faster. The aerodynamics are helping the rider with the turning, and the starting device is giving the riders less wheelie-ing and more acceleration. Now, if I have to point out an area of improvement, for sure it's qualifying, so that's the next target.