What a great win by Fabio! He looked in control throughout the entire race. We prepared for today's race in a perfect way. All sessions, including Warm Up, were crucial, and we're delighted that it led to Fabio winning the Monster Energy British Grand Prix. Still, we didn’t expect him to pull away that easily. His 2'00.098s lap was the fastest of the race. He set it at the perfect time, and it was the nail in the coffin for the other riders. After that they didn't stand a chance. Fabio really was on another level and managed the gap perfectly even without pushing 100%. We couldn’t be more elated for him, our title sponsor Monster Energy, and for all the team and Yamaha staff to be able to celebrate such a dominating win. Cal had a more difficult race. He wanted to get into the points, but in the end he didn’t quite manage that. He lost a bit of time at the start of the race battling with other riders, and towards the end he was one of the many who noticed a drop in the rear tyre, which we know happens here quite easily. Still, he managed it well and rode a quite steady race, so overall he ended the weekend with a positive feeling.