We knew we would struggle here, but we didn’t expect the race to be this tough right from the start. We are still analysing what caused Fabio discomfort today. We haven't found the answer yet. Whatever caused it, it was a real shame, because after Warm Up we were feeling confident that we could have done a completely different race than what ultimately happened today. We will definitely analyse the data carefully before next week's race. But Fabio’s fighting spirit and instinct to never give up resulted in eight championship points. It’s definitely not as many as we wanted or could have scored here, but they are still crucial. Cal also didn’t have the start of the race that he wanted. There was contact with other riders and he also lost some time battling with Marini, but overall he was riding well. He got into a solid rhythm and came really close to securing a championship point. Luckily, we can go back to ‘normality’ next week, riding at Misano where we’re usually competitive. So the team are all looking forward to making a strong comeback there.