It was a good day today. We improved the feeling much more compared to Sepang. It showed that I’m getting more and more in tune with my new Crew Chief Patrick. He did a great job today; we improved the bike a lot and I feel much better. Now, we keep working to understand a few more things and improve the feeling with the bike even more, but so far, so good. For sure, the track is new, and there are spots on the track that aren’t so good, like Sector 2. I lose everything there because it looks like today I didn’t manage to get it right, but finally I feel good with the medium tyres. We tried the soft tyres at the end, the speed was good with both. We also tried the medium front, and I felt also quite okay with that, so we are spreading our performance on different tyres and with different things, so I would say that it was a good day.