I don't view this as a recovery race because six riders crashed ahead of me. I had a physical issue halfway through the race. This morning I had been to the Clinica: I had treatment on my arm, but for me it was too aggressive. I never had this issue with my arm after treatment in the past, but today I had arm pump from the middle of the race on. I could have been much, much faster. But that’s actually a positive that I take away from today: we could have gone faster with the bike in the race. The plan for Mugello for our crew is that we keep using the same setting as today. I feel disappointed that I could have gotten a better result and could have had a better pace, but it's also true that today and yesterday in the Sprint, my pace was not so bad. I think without my physical problem I could have been 0.5s faster in the race, because I was not able to brake in a few braking zones. But again, in a way, that's positive.