Fabio’s race was incredible! It is well deserved because his riding is just on another level than anybody else’s in this championship at the moment. He is making the most of our package and putting in overtaking maneuvers that others hadn’t even considered but suit our strengths, like the one in the chicane when he took second place. He rode fast, consistent, and smart. It’s a shame that we came just a bit short here, because in our biased opinion, Fabio was the strongest rider on track today. But anyway, leaving this track with an increased championship lead is like a victory to us. Franky’s race can be looked at in two ways. Of course, we are disappointed for him to not be able to score some points after a decent race from P16. But on the other hand, we rather see a rider push hard and make an occasional mistake than finish every race without pushing. Today, he had solid pace and was able to overtake, so we will take that as a positive with us to Misano in two weeks’ time.