We were aware that today was not going to be an easy day, especially in qualifying. Despite that, we really did a good job during the race simulation in FP4. We were able to put together 16 laps with Fabio with very consistent and fast lap times. The second row is the maximum we could get today. It’s not a bad place to start the race from. As always, the first two laps of the race will be crucial. So far this weekend, Franky didn’t get the trust needed to squeeze out fast lap times. He also wasn’t able to exploit the second tyre because of a lot of traffic on track and later also yellow flags. There’s still Warm Up to make further tweaks to help him feel more comfortable. We have confirmed our initial choice of race tyre today. Tomorrow will be a tough GP, we know that. We’re going to do all we can to give our riders the best package possible to have a good race.