Yamaha Motor Racing has been raising awareness for environmental and social sustainability and supported the KiSS Mugello programme at the Italian MotoGP round for the past six years in a row. This time round, they go one step further, not only backing the KiSS project, but also introducing a plastic waste reducing campaign started by the team’s new Hospitality Partner Culligan.
Scarperia (Italy), 31st May 2019

The Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team has been leading the way in the MotoGP paddock in promoting environmental and social sustainability. This year at the Italian round they will be taking part in the seventh edition of the KiSS Mugello project even more actively than ever before, as the team announce their new Hospitality Partner Culligan and actively take part in their “Choose Water Not Plastic” campaign.

The KiSS project stands for “Keep it Shiny and Sustainable” and was first held in 2013 in Mugello with the aim to keep the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix clean during the MotoGP round by reducing waste. When KiSS Mugello started in 2013, waste sorting reached 20%. In 2018 the waste sorted passed 50%, thus confirming the programme’s effectiveness.

In order to surpass previous results once more, this year the KiSS Mugello project is going above and beyond, handing both fans and teams various sustainability tools. At the upcoming race weekend KiSS will again provide 20,000 recycling kits, cooking oil collection services, and 100 free drinking water fountains, so fans can reuse their water bottles. This year, it has added several other initiatives to its programme line-up: coffee waste collection, a cigarette butts waste awareness campaign with distribution of portable ashtrays, a glass recycling awareness campaign, leaflets about correct waste sorting (printed on sustainable FSC® certified paper), and an ad-hoc campaign and contest for the recycling of aluminum cans.

There are also added features in the paddock area. Besides the traditional collection of food surplus and the solidarity Pit Walk dedicated to boys and girls with disabilities on Thursday (which Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP will take part in, welcoming the young visitors inside the pit box), a relaxing ‘green area’ will be installed, as well as a very special waste compactor. This ‘reverse vending machine’ aims to encourage recycling of plastic bottles (PET).  

Yamaha Motor Racing Srl has been an Official Supporter of KiSS Mugello since the start of the programme and takes its leading role in sustainability very seriously. This year the company raises its level of commitment to KiSS even further, by adopting new hospitality sponsor Culligan’s “Choose Water Not Plastic” campaign.

On average, the team has been using nearly 36,500 water bottles per year. Culligan’s drinking water machines will allow the team to save nearly 912Kg of PET (= 1,7 tons of oil to produce the bottles). Culligan equipped the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team with their Aquabar and Bio Refresh machines – producing both still, sparkling and chilled water – to be used in the hospitality. This allows the team to drastically reduce its plastic waste by reusing water bottles.

Fans can also do their bit in promoting environmental and social sustainability by following the dedicated social media channels on Twitter (https://twitter.com/KiSSMugello19), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/kissmugello), and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kissmugello), and by using the official hashtags #KiSSMugello, #ItalianGP and #FIMRideGreen on social media.

More information can be found on the official website: www.kissmugello.com

Marco Riva

Marco Riva

Yamaha Motor Racing, General Manager

“At Yamaha we ascribe great importance to sustainability. Creating an as environmentally friendly work place as possible has a high priority, because it affects the circuit, the teams, the participants, the fans, all of us. Yamaha Motor Racing has been actively promoting the KiSS project for six years so far, and the results are very impressive and show the contributions, both small and big, are not in done in vain. As a company we are also constantly looking critically at our current status and how we can reduce our footprint. Less waste, especially PET, is one of the key areas and therefore we are so pleased that Culligan is now an Official Partner of the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP hospitality, and that the team is joining Culligan’s “Choose Water Not Plastic” campaign. We hope our efforts, as well as the KiSS programme, will once again raise the benchmark this year, and we invite fans and other teams to follow in our footsteps, so we can all continue to enjoy Mugello, its beautiful environment, and racing for many years to come.” 

Giulio Giampieri

Giulio Giampieri

Direttore Generale, Culligan Italiana

"We are excited to announce our partnership with the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team. We’re always trying to involve ourselves in popular activities aimed at promoting a more conscious and sustainable consumption of water and reduction of plastic pollution. With this in mind, the synergy with a big name such as Yamaha MotoGP, with a strong international appeal, allows us to reach a worldwide and diverse public and make them aware of a global emergency that requires tangible and immediate solutions. It is also an important step for the Culligan Plastic-Free Water Initiative, a recently launched project aimed to support companies, public administrations, and organisations that want to take concrete actions to abolish the use of plastic water bottles and thus reduce their environmental impact.”